Current research activity

Scheduling algorithms to provide QoS support for wireless networks and multimedia applications with real-time constraints

Gabriele Cecchetti is investigating the problem of QoS and Real-Time guarantees provisioning over IEEE 802.11e networks [paper J03]. He has proposed some scheduling algorithms alternative to the reference scheduler of HCCA IEEE 802.11e networks. In particular he has proposed Wireless Capacity-Based Scheduler (WCBS) [papers J01, C16, C015], its improved version with Resource Reservation (WCBS-R), [paper BC03], Unused Time Shifting Scheduler (UTSS) [paper C20] and Immediate Dynamic TXOP HCCA (IDTH) [paper C21]. Moreover he has proposed an enhanced scheduler using the HCCA-EDCA Mixed Mode (HEMM) in IEEE 802.11e networks, Overboost, [papers J02, C17]. A further scheduler algorithm based on a feedback mechanism is under submission.

Cross-layer framework for QoS support in wireless networks

Gabriele Cecchetti has proposed a contract-based framework and a middleware software to manage QoS application requests which want to deal with underlying network layer. The framework is ruled by the QoS Manager [papers C12, C13, C14].

Study and performance evaluation of scheduling algorithms for heterogeneous networks

Secure radio system for efficient rail traffic

He coordinated the developement project of the full software system of EuroRadio protocol for the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). Moreover he has oversaw the functional testing activity and the conformity to the CENELEC software security standard.

Past Research activity

At Scuola Superiore S. Anna and at University of Pisa Gabriele Cecchetti has carried on the research activity focused on the following topics:

Probabilistic model for the design of Wireless Sensor Networks with end-to-end QoS constraints

He has proposed a probabilistic model for designing delay-sensitive WSN using Geographic Routing, [paper C18]. Moreover He has proposed an enhanced Opportunistic Geographic Routing algorithm to improve the network reliability, [paper C19], [technical report T12].

QoS support for 4G systems

Enhancement to QoS support by means of a Service Oriented Architecture for Open Wireless Architecture [papers C17].

Wireless link emulation

Analysis and development of network emulator to run experiments over OneLab/PlanetLab networks [paper C15].

Middleware for Real-Time support for Audio-Video streaming

[paper C11].

Secure authentication for Multicast protocol

[paper C10].

Open-Source information systems workflow based

At Istituto di Fisiologia Clinica, CNR, Pisa, Gabriele Cecchetti has carried on his research activity about clinical information systems.

[papers: J01, C01-09, T01-03]